Security is paramount for commercial properties because they often house expensive equipment required for operations to resume each day. Some businesses maintain 24-hour and overnight operations, which require security measures to keep employees safe.

Here at John Rossin Locksmith, we offer some extremely useful tips for keeping your commercial property secure around the clock.

Practice Routine Lock Maintenance to Prevent Intruders

A lock that has been regularly maintained in St. Petersburg, FL.

Locks can become worn out and cease to function. You will notice that keys don’t fit properly, and deadbolts may not retract easily when keys are turned. A key may break off inside the lock or the deadbolt might seize. Proper, routine lock maintenance is important for overall security. A worn out lock practically invites criminals to enter the building because they are easier to compromise.

Consult a locksmith to replace or rekey damaged locks as soon as possible to avoid security issues.

Rekey Locks After Personnel Changes to Prevent Unauthorized Entry to Your Business

No matter how hard an employer tries, you can’t keep everyone happy. People come and go, and sometimes they leave in a huff with a key! There may not always be time to secure all of the keys to your building. For all you know, there may have been copies made during off hours. Rekeying allows locks to stay in place but will require a new key after the process is complete.

Rather than replace all of your locks after a personnel change, consider rekeying them to save time and money.

Install a Master Key System for Enhanced Security

A key system for individual desk drawers at an office in Pinellas Park, FL.

Professional locksmith companies can install master key systems for your commercial property. A master key system can allow keys to be distributed for different security tiers. Standard employees will only have access to the doors you grant them access to.

Management or co-owners will have a master key to open every single door on the exterior or interior of the building, while regular employees will only have access to their personal areas. Whether we like it or not, employees sometimes choose to walk off with property, which makes key management an important issue.

A master lock system works to prevent employee theft and creates a more secure environment with more accountability for everyone on site.

Consider Installing Additional Deadbolts for Use at the Close of Your Business

As employees come and go, there could be multiple keys floating around. If you consider installing an additional deadbolt above the standard lock, it will give you the ability to lock down the building at the close of business. Only the person who possesses the key to the additional deadbolt will be able to open the exterior doors, which is especially helpful if the building is vacated for the weekend.

Additional deadbolts give you absolute control over access to exterior doors, strengthens doors, and prevents employees from entering over the weekend.

Our team is ready to address any lock and key related security concerns you have.

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